The Entrepreneur Warehouse

Entrepreneurial development, business development, entrepreneur ecosystem, small business creation, job creation. These are words we constantly hear when it relates to entrepreneurship and the need for it to grow and succeed. There are many initiatives, programs and resource put into place in order to develop and sustain this needed success and I wanted to add my own grand vision to the scene: The Entrepreneur Warehouse

The Entrepreneur Warehouse? What is it and what is it’s purpose?

First let me share why it was proposed:
What I am going to propose to the city of Atlanta is a program called the Entrepreneur Warehouse. Atlanta has a targeted group of neighborhoods they want to see redeveloped and revitalized so my initiative will be on doing just that. The Entrepreneur Warehouse will be a facility where we take a certain number of individuals in each targeted community who are interested in entrepreneurship and business ownership. We will develop their entrepreneur endurance and create the foundation for their business. Through the program they can receive grants and loans to go back to their communities and open up a business and employ one or two people until further growth (community investment). And we repeat the process over and over again with new individuals which creates a multiplier effect. More and more people are creating businesses and employment opportunities which lead to self-sustaining communities and renewed community pride like what once existed! A lot of work? Yes but it can be done.

This is the condensed version of what the Entrepreneur Warehouse is about but just think of the immense value and development it can bring if implemented correctly and given the proper resources and guidance in order to be successful. It could have a very powerful impact but I need help in order to get the right people and circles to listen. Help me spread my message so this much-needed initiative can come into existence and spread into other communities across the nation and across the world!

  1. This is a dope idea! The community NEEDS this!

    • Appreciate it kev.
      I was told that earlier this week. It’s a work in progress but I’m about to jump back on getting it implemented in these communities. With additional help I know it will gain some traction.

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