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Waiting for the Response….

What is one of the most heart pounding, anxious moments that you face as an entrepreneur? Waiting for the response.

Waiting for a potential customer’s response to your proposal can be a difficult time for many entrepreneurs because you are hoping for a yes and dreading a no. During this period of time, you think of all the reasons for why they could say no, while thinking of how great it would be for your business if they said yes.

I understand the situation you are in. You are a small business and you are eager to gain customers so that you can actually feel like you are running a business. You are chasing customers, while trying to stay enthusiastic about your business, even when things seem like they are leading to nowhere.

Gaining this customer who you are waiting on a response from, will not only be a source of revenue but it will also give you some much-needed confidence to continue as an entrepreneur. Read the rest of this entry


Why I am Incorporating Fitness In My Business

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted to create a lifestyle business focused on the entrepreneurial/ successful mindset, business development and physical development. Why I have decided to create this business is because I am all about continual personal development from now, until the end of my time on this earth. And I see no better way to become a fully developed person than to do so through your mindset, business and body. A complete transformation and enhancement of one’s self! Read the rest of this entry

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