How Entrepreneurs Position Themselves to Succeed During the Holidays

We are in the mist of holiday season. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years all happen back to back which means this is the time of year when many people mentally checkout. The mindset is to enjoy the holidays for an entire month and then go into the new year focused, ready to achieve big things.

But this wishful thinking never goes as planned. If you are already an average person who operates at an average level like the majority of people, completely shutting down for an entire month only keeps your life in the company of the average.

What is the average person doing during the holidays? They are usually spending money that they don’t have so that they can “enjoy” the holidays.

What is the difference between a successful entrepreneur and the average person? How do entrepreneurs get ahead during the holiday season?

Entrepreneurs have systems to make money while the average person trades their time for money. The average persons time away from their job means that they are not generating any money.

A successful entrepreneur is making money and working even while they are enjoying the holidays. The reason this is able to occur is because the entrepreneur has put systems in place that allow for them to stay in contact with their customers so that interaction and sells can continue to happen.

The entrepreneur’s mind is put at ease because they wake up to seeing transactions that occurred throughout the night and that continue to occur throughout the day because their business takes advantage of automated systems. Because of these automated systems, an entrepreneur’s business practically operates on its own.

The average person does not have such comforts. As they are spending tons of money throughout the holiday season, their bank account is rapidly decreasing and they are anxiously awaiting until they receive their next paycheck. The average person is not in complete control of their finances and therefore, they are not in complete control of their lives.

Entrepreneurs who have elevated their minds and actions beyond the average and do not have to deal with such discomforts. Their holiday season is a mixture of relaxation, pleasure and the continuation of making money.

The two ways entrepreneurs take advantage of the holidays is through increased consumerism that occurs during the holidays and through people seeking the knowledge to get ahead in life, while they have down time during the holidays.

When it comes to consumerism, MJ Demarco, author of The Millionaire Fast Lane, states that you must be a producer first and a consumer second.

Here is an excerpt of him explaining this statement: “Break free from consumption, switch sides, and reorient to the world as producer. To consume richly, produce richly first. Unfortunately, most people have it backward: consumption and no production. Producers get rich. Consumers get poor. Switch teams and reorient as a producer first, a consumer second. Make wealth attracted to you!”

During the holidays, most people are purely consumers. The few who are producers are able to thrive off of the majorities need to participate in holiday consumerism.

Don’t get me wrong, spending money on gifts for the holidays is not a bad thing. But if your ability to produce income is solely dependent on a job that only pays you every week, two weeks or month; you have no control over your personal economics. That is a big problem, which the majority of people completely accept as normal.

What is acceptable about having a limited ability to acquire monetary gains? There is nothing acceptable about it. Since you are dependent on one source of income, you are a slave to a system that eagerly takes advantage of your lack of understanding about money.

For those who wake up to what is actually going on and want to improve their lives, there are those entrepreneurs who have positioned themselves to be the providers of knowledge on how to make money and create businesses. The reason these entrepreneurs gain during the holiday season is because a lot of people begin to seek the information that will help them improve their lives in the new year.

During the holiday season, an entrepreneur knows that their ability to prosper is dependent on positioning their business to the forefront of the consumer’s mind. While entrepreneurs are spending time with their families and enjoying the holidays, they have put the processes in place that allow for their business to reap significant financial gains.

Maybe you are not in the position to be a producer at the moment but the starting point of making that a reality is learning how to think and operate as an entrepreneur. I can tell you about the concept of entrepreneurship all day but the goal of Entrepreneurial Ambitions is to teach you how to actually operate as an entrepreneur so that you can truly be successful.

Use this holiday season as the time to learn exactly how you can step into entrepreneurship. Stop being just a consumer and learn how to become a producer who is paid from the consumption of others.

As you are checking out your gifts at the cash register or online, your phone is pinging with frequent indications of a another sell made on your website or a PayPal payment being received. While everyone else is taking time off during the holidays, your business is still working for you, helping you stay far ahead of the average.

Learn how to become an entrepreneur!

In 2016 Entrepreneurial Ambitions will have products and services that will help you to not only learn about entrepreneurship but help you apply entrepreneurial processes in your life. We will help you build your entrepreneur system so that you can truly prosper in life and create real freedom for yourself.

The Ebook, 10 Laws of Power for Entrepreneurs, is in the works. It will be available either next month or in January of 2016. If you have any questions, I can be contacted at


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Entrepreneur enthusiast, entrepreneur developer, entrepreneur strategist. I live and breath entrepreneurship.

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