Waiting for the Response….

What is one of the most heart pounding, anxious moments that you face as an entrepreneur? Waiting for the response.

Waiting for a potential customer’s response to your proposal can be a difficult time for many entrepreneurs because you are hoping for a yes and dreading a no. During this period of time, you think of all the reasons for why they could say no, while thinking of how great it would be for your business if they said yes.

I understand the situation you are in. You are a small business and you are eager to gain customers so that you can actually feel like you are running a business. You are chasing customers, while trying to stay enthusiastic about your business, even when things seem like they are leading to nowhere.

Gaining this customer who you are waiting on a response from, will not only be a source of revenue but it will also give you some much-needed confidence to continue as an entrepreneur.

Trust me I know the feeling. I used to deal with the same feelings. I was desperate for just one person to say yes to what I was offering. That one yes would be the validation that my services where actually something people found valuable.

But what usually happens when you are waiting for that yes? You can become sidetracked by that deal, causing you to miss other opportunities.

We will call this mindset oneitis. Oneitis is when one offer seems so attractive, that you let it dominate your thoughts and your actions.

When will they respond back?
Will it be via a phone call or by email?
When should I follow-up?
Am I worthy enough to gain their business?

This sort behavior is a detriment to your ability to be successful as an entrepreneur. The reason being is because sales, which you are lacking, is a numbers game. And your ability to acquire consistent sales is a major factor in your entrepreneurial success. Therefore, your business’s success is dependent on getting in front of as many potential customers as possible, on a consistent basis!

You can’t just be dependent on securing one or two people to become customers and then repeat that same pattern every single time your capital starts to run low.

When you are waiting for a person’s response, you can’t let the sales process come to a halt. During the wait for one person’s response, you need to be in contact with multiple people, working them through your sales funnel.

Do you have a sales funnel and do you even know what a sales funnel is?

Having this system in place eliminates the desperation during the waiting period because you are constantly in the process of generating new interest. And in doing so, you are constantly working people through your funnel so that their initial interest turns into a paying customer.

When this is occurring, your mind does not have the time to be so focused on one particular deal. Instead of being focused on your next source of income, which tends to put you in a desperate mindset, you are focused on building an actual business. This is very important to note.

This is what separates successful entrepreneurs from those entrepreneurs who are failing. Successful entrepreneurs understand that you have to actually develop consistency through a system in order to have a real business.

Failing entrepreneurs operate with sporadic activities, therefore they have nothing to build upon. They have to constantly waste time chasing and then waiting. And this cycle continuously repeats itself.

Stop waiting for the response. Eliminate this need to wait by being focused on building a business instead of being focused on a new source of income that will only cover you until the next week or next month.

Are you building an actual business or are you maintaining an active hobby?


About Yura Bryant

Entrepreneur enthusiast, entrepreneur developer, entrepreneur strategist. I live and breath entrepreneurship.

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