How to 10X Your Entrepreneurial Endeavors!

I am all about constant improvement, both personally and business wise. On this quest for constant improvement, I am always looking for new sources of information that will help me enhance my mindset, in order to produce better actions that lead to successful results. One of the mindsets I have been following and implementing into my own life is the 10X mindset created by Grant Cardone.

The 10X mindset basically states that you need to apply massive actions in order to produce massive results. Many people hold an average mindset, which influences average actions and produces average results. What is hypocritical of such people, is them expecting 10X success while operating within an average existence.

What I want to help you do today is 10X your entrepreneurial endeavors. When you 10X your entrepreneurial endeavors, you are working to position yourself for massive success. Not many people know about the concept of 10X nor would they know how to properly apply it into their lives.
But for you, I will make that a reality. I want to do everything I possibly can through this blog to ensure that you are successful, by helping you get the most out of your entrepreneurial journey. So let me educate you on how you can do that through the 10X mindset.

I. Think Bigger With Slight Fear
How can someone think on a big level, while still having a feeling of fear? Fear is a necessity for success because it shows that you care about what you are doing and what you produce. People who operate within their comfort zone are never challenged and they become content with doing the same thing all the time, getting the same results all the time. They have no fear when it comes to success because success is not on their mind. They are focused on doing just enough to get by.

Bigger thinking means you have to apply actions that are at a level beyond your normal routine. This is about taking yourself to another level by thinking on a level beyond what you can easily achieve. Maybe you want to be a TED Talks speaker, a NY Times bestselling author, a billionaire entrepreneur investor. Whatever it may be, it has to be something so audacious that it makes you slightly nervous.

People will say you can’t do it and that you are just dreaming, go do something normal. This is because they are average thinkers who are fearful of giving their big dreams too much thought. While their fear is due to the belief that dreams are nothing more than wishful thinking, your fear is due to you challenging yourself to accomplish something great. *Remember: Your thinking directly influences the actions you produce!

II. Constantly Invest in Both Business & Personal Growth
As an entrepreneur, your business life and your personal life become one. With this being known, they both have to continuously grow, so that one does not hold the other back. Once one area of your life is stagnant or completely failing, it will begin to affect your performance in the other important part of your life.

When you gain a certain level of success in your business, invest in more education and connections, so that your business can transition to a completely new level. Never become satisfied in business because your competition will not be satisfied until you are no longer a competitive threat. Being content is one small step towards failure as an entrepreneur.

Personal growth is very important because you are a product yourself. The way you feel about yourself influences your behavior, which determines your willingness to take risk as an entrepreneur. Make it a never-ending mission to constantly improve your mind, body and emotions. These 3 factors are highly important when it comes to working at a 10X level because you are operating on an extremely high level that can completely exhaust the average person.

III. Surround Yourself With 10X People
It may seem a little harsh but you have to reduce the time you spend with average people, who do not hold the 10X mindset. Matter of fact it is not harsh, you must do what is in the best interest of your success! The reason being is because their mediocre thinking and actions will contaminate you. Average people want you to be at their level so that they feel comfortable around you, rather than seeing you as a threat, who makes them look at their own life negatively.

Place yourself around those people who operate under the 10X mindset and their 10X actions have produced a 10X lifestyle. You want their positive energy and high level of knowledge to surround you and your entrepreneurial efforts. Being around this motivational group of people is your direct source of positive affirmations, that will push you to achieve more.

“You are the average of the people you spend the most time with.” Jim Rohn
Why become the average of average, when you can become another success among those who are truly successful?

If you noticed while reading, 10X is a belief system that has to be constantly reaffirmed through actions and people. Wanting success and operating within success are two completely different things. The 10X lifestyle forces you to know that difference.


About Yura Bryant

Entrepreneur enthusiast, entrepreneur developer, entrepreneur strategist. I live and breath entrepreneurship.

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