Gaining Perspective on Entrepreneur Success

success journey
If there is one thing that entrepreneurship can promise; it is that you will constantly learn as you progress forward. And this learning process is what separates successful entrepreneurs from average entrepreneurs.

I say this because successful entrepreneurs learn from both success and failures. Average entrepreneurs seem to never really learn from either. And therefore, they remain in the same average position their entire entrepreneur career.

I make this observation due to the fact that I have been around a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners over the years. The successful ones are always challenging themselves to accomplish more and backing their talk up with complementary actions. The average ones talk loudly proclaiming this and that, but never put forth the effective actions which will move them beyond their average position.

I know the difference because I used to be the average entrepreneur. No, I was even worse! I was a failing entrepreneur! I did a lot of talk and underperforming, and I never really learned from my shortcomings in order to better myself.

I wasted a lot of years bullshitting and failing, never really challenging myself to take risks and step out of my comfort zone. This led to a lot of frustration and depression that I was the cause of happening. I was my own worst enemy!

Looking back on those days, I am very ashamed of myself. But I use those memories as motivation to not regress into mediocrity and a failure’s mindset. Just the thought of being in that state of mental confinement scares the hell out of me.

Currently I am not where I want to be but I am far away from where I used to be. I have learned to hold myself accountable for my actions and to consistently work hard for the success that I desire.

One of the most important lessons that I learned though, is to invest time and money within myself and my business. It takes a real investment of not only money but also time in order to be successful. Now I work hard to produce money daily, and not for material things or recognition. I do so because I want to build an empire that grants me true freedom.

Entrepreneurship is a process of thoughts, decisions, actions and lessons. You must understand this process and how your process is working in order to continually become a better entrepreneur as time progresses.

Finally understanding this process is what helped me understand the process of attracting success. Success is a congruent alignment of actions that build upon one another in order to produce the desired results for your persistent efforts.

Entrepreneurship is a journey that many find themselves becoming confused and lost within. In order to be successful in entrepreneurship, you must find the coordinates that will put you in the right direction.

Once those coordinates are found, stay moving towards that direction of success no matter what! There will be many distractions and stumbling blocks along the way towards success. But only you have the power over yourself to either stop, go backwards or remain moving forward.

I finally decided to make a change for myself and you can do the same. Demand better from yourself!

Entrepreneur success is not given! It is earned through hard work and from effective actions being put into place. Decide what you really want for yourself. You can choose to be average or a complete failure like the majority of people. Or you can choose to be successful like only a small percentage of people, who actually demanded themselves to become so.

It’s your choice to decide…


About Yura Bryant

Entrepreneur enthusiast, entrepreneur developer, entrepreneur strategist. I live and breath entrepreneurship.

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