Limitations Do Not Apply in Entrepreneurship

Are you a person who lets perceived limitations dictate what you can and cannot do? If so then entrepreneurship is definitely not the right option for you. Why else do you think entrepreneurs are described as risk takers and innovators? It is because they are a group of individuals who do not view a challenge as limiting but rather as an opportunity to grow and excel. Were average people pause and contemplate, entrepreneurs look and pursue. So what limits you from truly becoming an entrepreneur?

Your limitations are produced from your inability to see beyond your current position. Better said; you have a lack of vision. In entrepreneurship a vision is very important, it is your underlying foundation. This is important because it helps limitations seem less menacing due to your ability to see clearly ahead. Limits are simply boundaries introduced by outside factors which seek to control your functioning in life. You give such boundaries strength when you comply with the restrictions that they impose upon you. When it is said that, “you can do whatever you set your mind to,” such a statement is actually true. How do you think a few people prosper while the majority remain stagnant? It is because those few people realize that there is no limitation to the ability of their mind nor the ambition of their drive.

Limitation is rooted in fear. Fear that doing something beyond your comfort zone will produce negative results. This is a pessimistic way of thinking and leads to a life full of regrets and questions. Why limit your ability to enjoy life when you only get one? That is foolish. Also, why pursue entrepreneurship when you have a limited ability to take risk? An equally foolish decision. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, a life journey, an opportunity to operate in free, limitless range. The mistake many people make though is coming into this lifestyle with restrictive mindsets. Restrictive mindsets are those which operate in limited capacity, unwilling to step outside their protective bubble. This restrictive mindset is a severe limitation that hinders real growth as an entrepreneur. This is not an entrepreneurial mindset but rather an employee mindset because you are still unable to truly think and act freely. That fear of “what if” still haunts your every thought of operating beyond the safety zone. What a miserable life to have.

Limitations are nothing more than distractions within your mind. Why limit yourself when the world is full of limitless possibilities? Entrepreneurship is the perfect launching pad to experience such limitless opportunities. Step outside of your comfort zone and free yourself to push your potential beyond its perceived limits.

About Yura Bryant

Entrepreneur enthusiast, entrepreneur developer, entrepreneur strategist. I live and breath entrepreneurship.

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  1. I love the comment – limitation is rooted in fear. Very powerful and correct statement. Fear is the biggest limiter when you are venturing out. GREAT post!

    • Very true. Fear is enabled by the power we give it. Life is too short to be limited by fear, which is the mindset I am adopting and hope to spread to others. I appreciate your comment and your visitation of the blog.

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